Vault of the gods

Captain Goodspeed

Daphne's mainsail

The party makes their way back to the shipyard from the kobold caves. As they enter Stockwell’s office, the party finds him talking to a customer picking up a ship. Upon conferring to Stockwell that the kobolds will no longer be an issue, he exclaims “Perfect Timing” and introduces you the person who may be the way of the island. Captain Daphne Goodspeed.

Upon talking to Daphne, she agrees to help you, however she is in need of a mainsail for her new boat. She asks you to recover the mainsail from her old boat that was wrecked at the south end of the island, and retrieve a chest from a shipment that was in the boat. She then requests that you kill a banshee that is roaming the ship, stating that she would “owe you one” if you would do this for her.

After being pressed about the reason for this dangerous request, she relays a story of an elven girl she rescued from slavery that later became her sailing companion, but afterwards became twisted and corrupted, being unable to escape her past. During a fight the ship crashed killing the Jane she once new and fully transforming her into her current cursed state.

The party agrees.

Heading south, the party battles a small band of Kuo-Toa on the coast rescuing a shipwrecked survivor. Rowing out to the area of the last known coordinates of the crash, they find the ship… and the banshee. After a tough fight with the banshee, they retrieve the mainsail, and cargo.

Upon returning Daphne, gratefully thanks them, and gives them the tour of the new ship, The Serenity Dissolute. Fastening the sail, and raising the anchor they set sail.



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