Vault of the gods

Dryden's Delimma

The trouble with kobolds

After reaching the shipyard, located on the shoreline of the bay, they meet the foreman Chester Wallis, who directs them to Stockwell’s office. Heading to see him, they notice quite a few boat makers currently building several boats in the bay. Some lumberjacks are seen sawing, planing, and bending trees, and planks up off the shore line.

Discussing their needs with Stockwell, he proposes an offer. His offer is to pay the party $500 gold and a boat for half price. His base model boats currently running for $20,000 gold. In return the must take care of a problem his men have been having with a nearby cave of local kobolds who have all the sudden changed from peaceful to hostile and aggressive.

Balking at the deal, the party asks if there is someway to provide passage off the island. Persuaded by their plea, he reluctantly offers to introduce them to someone who might be willing to take them off the island. But that deal would be between them.

Heading south toward the cave entrance. The are met by Chester, who asks them to try and solve the issue peaceably, because he wouldn’t like to see any unneeded harm come to the kobolds who for the longest time have been friendly.

Proceeding into the cave the party comes across several thieves caches, and at last stumble upon the kobolds, who are at arms and have surrounded them. Talking to the kobolds, they find out they actually are peaceful but something has been stolen from them. They believe Stockwell’s men have taken several gold dragon scales, from their shrine which provide protection as well as having religious connotations to them. The scales belonged to the gold dragon Kindralth, who once made his home on the island at one time, and was kind to the kobolds, and caused them to re-align their beliefs to Bahamut. All they want is their scales back.



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