Vault of the gods

Campaign Start

On a boat

The party:
Garviel Torgaddon – Dwarven Fighter
Fabius Roghax – Human Cleric
Pebbler Finbliss – Halfling Rogue
Flaeris Redling- Fire Genasi Wizard
Sir Arthur – Human Sorcerer

As the story opens, the party finds themselves coming to and chained to barrels below deck on a boat. As the boat docks and most of the crew leave, the party manages to free themselves, and scare off the remaining crew member left to watch them and the boat.

They steal the boat, and take the boat out of the dock. As they start to leave the pier, the fleeing crew member alerts the captain and the rest of the crew that were still proceeding into town. Running back to their ship they are unable to re-board before the boat leaves.

The party heads out of the bay, but are unable to navigate the rock formations protecting way into and out of the bay. After crashing the boat, they make their way back to the port town of Denneren, or loosely known as the Den Of Thieves (A haven town for pirates, smugglers, and marauders). The sole town on Viper Island.

After carefully treading through the town, they hear that the boat they stole and wrecked belonged to a man known as Captain Ridley. He is now the laughing stock of Denneren and seeking revenge against the party.

Obtaining information that Stockwell Dryden who runs a ship yard on the west side of the bay, may be able to help them find passage off the island, they head toward the shipyard.



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