Vault of the gods

The Druid's Doorstep

She cray cray

After examining the shrine and talking to Stockwell’s men, they conclude the lumber jacks are innocent and that the suspect might be a druid living in a cave on the other side of the mountain line.

Journeying to the druid’s cave they make their way into what appears to be an abandoned Yaun-Ti temple. Finding the druids journal, its revealed that she (Malen Foxberry) is angry and disgusted at the quality of people in Denneren, but even more furious at Stockwell’s men for desecrating the land by cutting down the forest. Continuing the journal describes her descent into madness as she continues her experiments with a Gulthias tree.

Hanging from the tree are the scales, in which the thick black sap is dripping over and down onto piles of sticks and vines, creating different blights.

Overcoming the druid and her blights, the party over clears the area of enemies, and retrieves the dragon scales from the tree. The party also finds 3 salamander eggs, a Gulthias staff, and a mysterious magical book, that appears unreadable.

Heading back to the kobolds with the scales, they are met by the kobold brothers Crol and Cron. They profusely thank the party, but because they have no riches to reward them with, instead they provide locations of the rest of the thieves caches located in the caves as well as disarmed any traps protecting the caves.

Upon clearing the rest of the thieves caches they stumble upon a dwarven skeleton clutching a leather bag of mysterious black shards. They seem to be neither stone nor wood. The skeleton’s right hand also contains a signet ring of a dwarven noble that Garviel is familiar with.



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