Daphne Goodspeed

Captain and smuggler


Captain of The Serenity Dissolute



Past relationship – Jane:
A young Elven girl that was sold by her family as a small child.  She was bought by a group of mages.    One day while delivering a contraband shipment of monk wine to a noble she saw his beautiful servant, whom they called Jane.  She resembled someone always sleep walking, and seemed in a trance-like state.  Upon acknowledging the young girl, even though no verbal answer was given, her eyes pleaded for help, as she turned to Daphne.  She took pity on her and offered to buy her from the noble.  When the noble refused, she broke her out and took her.  It took years to reverse the odd effects that the she was under.  But Jane became her normal self after it all.  They sailed the seas and grew to be very close.  ****She clutches a ring on a necklace around her neck.****  However, the psychological damage had been done and Jane kept flirting with danger.  Knowing her own beauty she, she would use it to her advantage at every opportunity sometimes just for sport.  Slowly this twisted her and became her downfall. 

Daphne Goodspeed

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