Vault of the gods

The Archive

Drop some knowledge!

Entering The Archive.

As the party enters the archive, they find out that they must be “members” to utilize the scrolls and books found inside. The membership is a relatively easy task. It just requires that you fill a memory gem, and donate it, for the purpose of contributing any useful knowledge or information to The Archive. Pebbler and Michaela decline, and march out to wait for the rest of the party to finish. After searching for hours and hours, the party finds nothing really of use, however, they notice a an odd older man observing them from behind some book racks. Donning white hair and glasses, he seems anxious has his head pops from behind the bookcase every once in a while to glance at them. After talking to him, they find that he is a frequenter of The Archive, and his name is Corbett. After conversing with him for a bit, he informs them of another area of The Archive, called The Annex, which might have what they are searching for. He is certain it exists, and tells them to inquire from the front desk. After asking Filaurel, a librarian about this, she reluctantly tells them of The Annex, giving Corbett an evil scowl, which sends him scurrying along. She then tells them it is only available to those who have contributed considerable material to The Archive, to those who can bring in an artifact of Delleb. She looks through a scroll containing information and where-a-bouts of such items and tells the party that there is a possible artifact located in Valenwood.



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