Vault of the gods

To Sunder Island

Just the beginning

Sailing south to Sunder Island, the party is notices, in the distance, a ship following them. After several hours the ship starts to close. From a spyglass Daphne confirms that Captain Ridley has found a partner to aid his pursuit. After a few rounds of firing ballista against Ridley’s ship, and Ridley firing grappling chains onto the Serenity. Daphne somehow summons extra wind for the Serenity’s sails allowing the ship to pull away from Ridley. After gaining enough distance, Daphne collapses and passes out. Garviel being a sailor continues on course.

After a few hours, Sunder Island comes into view, and Daphne regains her strength enough to take the helm. Sailing into the south end of the island you dock at Chancery’s Keep.

Preparing to head into town, Daphne says that she will introduce you to her friend Maximus, as she needs to drop something off to him. She relays that he is a good man, and understands that he could currently use some assistance on a mission.

As the party inquires about him, of her. She shares that he is a Paladin, a good, honest and decent man.  He is an incredible fighter, none his equal that she’s seen.  Extremely tall for a human, well over 6’5, extremely well built…  She trails off as she her she starts thinking about him.   “Not the sharpest tool in the shed… But he makes that easy over look….”.   He’s staying at The Scribe’s Respite.

Iriel, the halfling inn keeper, of the Scribe’s Respite greets you, as you enter. The inn is filled with books and scrolls for travelling to scribes in the region to read and relax.

After waiting almost a day, Maximus De La Bravo returns to the inn, with his traveling companion, Michaela Jaxx, a bard.



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