Vault of the gods

To Valenwood
The Night Watch

Heading back to Chancery’s Keep, they meet up with Daphne, and she takes them around the east coast up to the north inlet leading into the Tranquil Strait. On the east bank is a small town, Greymist Bluff where the party docks. The only way to Valenwood is through a foot trail from Greymist Bluff. Journeying through the town, there is an unexpected commotion going on in the square late at night. Seems the town’s people have hung a dead body up, and wont let two men retrieve their friend. The two men, visibly upset leave. They are dressed in make shift chain and breastplate, with furs wrapped around, carrying sword and shield, and the other a great ax. Upon the party talking to them they are members of the Night Watch, protectors against the cursed and unholy creatures that prey upon men. The two men storm out of town.

The Archive
Drop some knowledge!

Entering The Archive.

As the party enters the archive, they find out that they must be “members” to utilize the scrolls and books found inside. The membership is a relatively easy task. It just requires that you fill a memory gem, and donate it, for the purpose of contributing any useful knowledge or information to The Archive. Pebbler and Michaela decline, and march out to wait for the rest of the party to finish. After searching for hours and hours, the party finds nothing really of use, however, they notice a an odd older man observing them from behind some book racks. Donning white hair and glasses, he seems anxious has his head pops from behind the bookcase every once in a while to glance at them. After talking to him, they find that he is a frequenter of The Archive, and his name is Corbett. After conversing with him for a bit, he informs them of another area of The Archive, called The Annex, which might have what they are searching for. He is certain it exists, and tells them to inquire from the front desk. After asking Filaurel, a librarian about this, she reluctantly tells them of The Annex, giving Corbett an evil scowl, which sends him scurrying along. She then tells them it is only available to those who have contributed considerable material to The Archive, to those who can bring in an artifact of Delleb. She looks through a scroll containing information and where-a-bouts of such items and tells the party that there is a possible artifact located in Valenwood.

The Quest
The vault of the gods

After introductions have been made, and Daphne’s vouching for the competence and abilities of the party. Max tells them about the quest. 

They are searching for what is known as “the vault of the gods”.  It was commissioned by Heironeous, with the help of some of the other gods. 

This vault houses extremely powerful treasures and artifacts, it is said.  Michaela brought news recently to the Order of the Chalice (the elite group of Heironeous Paladins) that two newly emerging groups have been overheard searching for the vault. 

Those two groups are known only by the names the Shadow Walkers and Mord-Sith. Nothing else is known about these groups, other than they seemed to have just recently surfaced, and have been inquiring of this vault.

The chalice of Heironeous is said to be one of those artifacts stored in the vault.  As this vault is so ancient and secretive, it unfortunately has faded from history, and the knowledge of it was neglected in its passing down. As the Order believed that the fewer that knew, meant the safer the vault was. They now need to find this vault to secure it first, and ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

They believe that the answer to its location may rest in the The Archive, which is the largest known repository of history and information in the material plane.  It’s maintained and kept by the clerics of Delleb.  Chancery Keep’s (this town) source of income is from travelers all around either seeking something or paying homage to the greatest source of knowledge in Landever. 

The party agrees to the quest, and head for The Archive. On their way there, they find them selves in the a battle against two ogres and a half ogre. They are collecting “tolls” from the travelers. The party is victorious over the ogres and frees a family of dwarves that the ogres had planned to eat later. Grateful, they run on their way, and the party continues to The Archive.

Sunder Island


To Sunder Island
Just the beginning

Sailing south to Sunder Island, the party is notices, in the distance, a ship following them. After several hours the ship starts to close. From a spyglass Daphne confirms that Captain Ridley has found a partner to aid his pursuit. After a few rounds of firing ballista against Ridley’s ship, and Ridley firing grappling chains onto the Serenity. Daphne somehow summons extra wind for the Serenity’s sails allowing the ship to pull away from Ridley. After gaining enough distance, Daphne collapses and passes out. Garviel being a sailor continues on course.

After a few hours, Sunder Island comes into view, and Daphne regains her strength enough to take the helm. Sailing into the south end of the island you dock at Chancery’s Keep.

Preparing to head into town, Daphne says that she will introduce you to her friend Maximus, as she needs to drop something off to him. She relays that he is a good man, and understands that he could currently use some assistance on a mission.

As the party inquires about him, of her. She shares that he is a Paladin, a good, honest and decent man.  He is an incredible fighter, none his equal that she’s seen.  Extremely tall for a human, well over 6’5, extremely well built…  She trails off as she her she starts thinking about him.   “Not the sharpest tool in the shed… But he makes that easy over look….”.   He’s staying at The Scribe’s Respite.

Iriel, the halfling inn keeper, of the Scribe’s Respite greets you, as you enter. The inn is filled with books and scrolls for travelling to scribes in the region to read and relax.

After waiting almost a day, Maximus De La Bravo returns to the inn, with his traveling companion, Michaela Jaxx, a bard.

Captain Goodspeed
Daphne's mainsail

The party makes their way back to the shipyard from the kobold caves. As they enter Stockwell’s office, the party finds him talking to a customer picking up a ship. Upon conferring to Stockwell that the kobolds will no longer be an issue, he exclaims “Perfect Timing” and introduces you the person who may be the way of the island. Captain Daphne Goodspeed.

Upon talking to Daphne, she agrees to help you, however she is in need of a mainsail for her new boat. She asks you to recover the mainsail from her old boat that was wrecked at the south end of the island, and retrieve a chest from a shipment that was in the boat. She then requests that you kill a banshee that is roaming the ship, stating that she would “owe you one” if you would do this for her.

After being pressed about the reason for this dangerous request, she relays a story of an elven girl she rescued from slavery that later became her sailing companion, but afterwards became twisted and corrupted, being unable to escape her past. During a fight the ship crashed killing the Jane she once new and fully transforming her into her current cursed state.

The party agrees.

Heading south, the party battles a small band of Kuo-Toa on the coast rescuing a shipwrecked survivor. Rowing out to the area of the last known coordinates of the crash, they find the ship… and the banshee. After a tough fight with the banshee, they retrieve the mainsail, and cargo.

Upon returning Daphne, gratefully thanks them, and gives them the tour of the new ship, The Serenity Dissolute. Fastening the sail, and raising the anchor they set sail.

The Druid's Doorstep
She cray cray

After examining the shrine and talking to Stockwell’s men, they conclude the lumber jacks are innocent and that the suspect might be a druid living in a cave on the other side of the mountain line.

Journeying to the druid’s cave they make their way into what appears to be an abandoned Yaun-Ti temple. Finding the druids journal, its revealed that she (Malen Foxberry) is angry and disgusted at the quality of people in Denneren, but even more furious at Stockwell’s men for desecrating the land by cutting down the forest. Continuing the journal describes her descent into madness as she continues her experiments with a Gulthias tree.

Hanging from the tree are the scales, in which the thick black sap is dripping over and down onto piles of sticks and vines, creating different blights.

Overcoming the druid and her blights, the party over clears the area of enemies, and retrieves the dragon scales from the tree. The party also finds 3 salamander eggs, a Gulthias staff, and a mysterious magical book, that appears unreadable.

Heading back to the kobolds with the scales, they are met by the kobold brothers Crol and Cron. They profusely thank the party, but because they have no riches to reward them with, instead they provide locations of the rest of the thieves caches located in the caves as well as disarmed any traps protecting the caves.

Upon clearing the rest of the thieves caches they stumble upon a dwarven skeleton clutching a leather bag of mysterious black shards. They seem to be neither stone nor wood. The skeleton’s right hand also contains a signet ring of a dwarven noble that Garviel is familiar with.

Dryden's Delimma
The trouble with kobolds

After reaching the shipyard, located on the shoreline of the bay, they meet the foreman Chester Wallis, who directs them to Stockwell’s office. Heading to see him, they notice quite a few boat makers currently building several boats in the bay. Some lumberjacks are seen sawing, planing, and bending trees, and planks up off the shore line.

Discussing their needs with Stockwell, he proposes an offer. His offer is to pay the party $500 gold and a boat for half price. His base model boats currently running for $20,000 gold. In return the must take care of a problem his men have been having with a nearby cave of local kobolds who have all the sudden changed from peaceful to hostile and aggressive.

Balking at the deal, the party asks if there is someway to provide passage off the island. Persuaded by their plea, he reluctantly offers to introduce them to someone who might be willing to take them off the island. But that deal would be between them.

Heading south toward the cave entrance. The are met by Chester, who asks them to try and solve the issue peaceably, because he wouldn’t like to see any unneeded harm come to the kobolds who for the longest time have been friendly.

Proceeding into the cave the party comes across several thieves caches, and at last stumble upon the kobolds, who are at arms and have surrounded them. Talking to the kobolds, they find out they actually are peaceful but something has been stolen from them. They believe Stockwell’s men have taken several gold dragon scales, from their shrine which provide protection as well as having religious connotations to them. The scales belonged to the gold dragon Kindralth, who once made his home on the island at one time, and was kind to the kobolds, and caused them to re-align their beliefs to Bahamut. All they want is their scales back.

Viper Island


Campaign Start
On a boat

The party:
Garviel Torgaddon – Dwarven Fighter
Fabius Roghax – Human Cleric
Pebbler Finbliss – Halfling Rogue
Flaeris Redling- Fire Genasi Wizard
Sir Arthur – Human Sorcerer

As the story opens, the party finds themselves coming to and chained to barrels below deck on a boat. As the boat docks and most of the crew leave, the party manages to free themselves, and scare off the remaining crew member left to watch them and the boat.

They steal the boat, and take the boat out of the dock. As they start to leave the pier, the fleeing crew member alerts the captain and the rest of the crew that were still proceeding into town. Running back to their ship they are unable to re-board before the boat leaves.

The party heads out of the bay, but are unable to navigate the rock formations protecting way into and out of the bay. After crashing the boat, they make their way back to the port town of Denneren, or loosely known as the Den Of Thieves (A haven town for pirates, smugglers, and marauders). The sole town on Viper Island.

After carefully treading through the town, they hear that the boat they stole and wrecked belonged to a man known as Captain Ridley. He is now the laughing stock of Denneren and seeking revenge against the party.

Obtaining information that Stockwell Dryden who runs a ship yard on the west side of the bay, may be able to help them find passage off the island, they head toward the shipyard.


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