Vault of the gods

To Valenwood

The Night Watch

Heading back to Chancery’s Keep, they meet up with Daphne, and she takes them around the east coast up to the north inlet leading into the Tranquil Strait. On the east bank is a small town, Greymist Bluff where the party docks. The only way to Valenwood is through a foot trail from Greymist Bluff. Journeying through the town, there is an unexpected commotion going on in the square late at night. Seems the town’s people have hung a dead body up, and wont let two men retrieve their friend. The two men, visibly upset leave. They are dressed in make shift chain and breastplate, with furs wrapped around, carrying sword and shield, and the other a great ax. Upon the party talking to them they are members of the Night Watch, protectors against the cursed and unholy creatures that prey upon men. The two men storm out of town.



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