Vault of the gods

The Quest

The vault of the gods

After introductions have been made, and Daphne’s vouching for the competence and abilities of the party. Max tells them about the quest. 

They are searching for what is known as “the vault of the gods”.  It was commissioned by Heironeous, with the help of some of the other gods. 

This vault houses extremely powerful treasures and artifacts, it is said.  Michaela brought news recently to the Order of the Chalice (the elite group of Heironeous Paladins) that two newly emerging groups have been overheard searching for the vault. 

Those two groups are known only by the names the Shadow Walkers and Mord-Sith. Nothing else is known about these groups, other than they seemed to have just recently surfaced, and have been inquiring of this vault.

The chalice of Heironeous is said to be one of those artifacts stored in the vault.  As this vault is so ancient and secretive, it unfortunately has faded from history, and the knowledge of it was neglected in its passing down. As the Order believed that the fewer that knew, meant the safer the vault was. They now need to find this vault to secure it first, and ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

They believe that the answer to its location may rest in the The Archive, which is the largest known repository of history and information in the material plane.  It’s maintained and kept by the clerics of Delleb.  Chancery Keep’s (this town) source of income is from travelers all around either seeking something or paying homage to the greatest source of knowledge in Landever. 

The party agrees to the quest, and head for The Archive. On their way there, they find them selves in the a battle against two ogres and a half ogre. They are collecting “tolls” from the travelers. The party is victorious over the ogres and frees a family of dwarves that the ogres had planned to eat later. Grateful, they run on their way, and the party continues to The Archive.



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